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PROTIP: Add PandaWhale to your browser, and stash awesome things you find on the web!

Option 1: Install our Chrome Extension

Option 2: Drag the "Stash It!" button to your Bookmarks Bar.

Stash it!

Once installed in your browser, the “Stash It” button lets you highlight and stash an image and/or text from any website.

PROTIP: Install our bookmarklet to stash awesome things you find on the web!

Step 1: Click the icon that looks like the one circled below, then click "Add Bookmark" and "Save."

Step 2: Click the "Copy It!" button below to copy the bookmarklet code.

Copy It!

Step 3: Click your Bookmarks icon (circled below), then click "Edit" and edit the "Stash It!" bookmark. Delete the URL and paste in the bookmarklet code you copied in Step 2.

Done! Now when you click your Bookmark icon you can run the PandaWhale bookmarklet and stash awesome things!

Copy the text below: